Saturday, 30 June 2012

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino, founded in 301AD, claims to be the oldest republic in the world.  It is a small independent state with about 30,000 inhabitants.  Its landmass of 61 sq kms (24 square miles) is surrounded by Italy.

Within San Marino, there is a small local bus network of 9 routes.  Services are infrequent with each route generally operating 5-7 journeys a day, fewer on Saturdays.  Despite the sparsity of the service, the timetables appear to require 8 buses in service, although it is only in the early morning and around lunchtime that all are operating simultaneously.  Timetables (in Italian only) are here 



As well as the bus network, there is a cable car linking the settlement of Borgo Maggiore with the old town, perched 750 metres above sea level. This operates daily, all year round.

The main public transport link into San Marino is a bus service from Rimini, around 17 kms (10 miles) away on the Italian coast.  This service runs daily with a bus every 75 minutes.  Duplicate vehicles are provided when needed to cope with passenger numbers.  The route is shared by two operators – Bonelli Bus (Italy) and Benedettini (San Marino).  In Rimini, buses pick up opposite the railway station while in the summer season they extend into the hotel district on Rimini’s seafront.  The summer timetable is here while the timetable for the rest of the year is here 

These images were taken in Rimini, a city to which I will return in a future post.

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