Sunday 6 September 2015

London, Canada

Can you imagine London without red double decker buses?

If you live in Ontario, you probably can.  For in the Canadian province of Ontario, around 200 kilometres from Toronto, is a city named London.  London is home to around 360,000 people.

The public transport system in London is provided entirely by buses.  In this London, the buses are neither red nor double-deckers.

The bus network is provided by London Transit, with a fleet of single-deck vehicles.  All are wheelchair-accessible.


Each of London Transit's routes has a name as well as a number.  The name is generally that of one of the major roads on the route, or one of the districts served.

Buses display the route name alongside the number.

In the case of route 9A, Whitehills is at one end of the route.




Some of the names would not look out of place in London's larger namesake in the United Kingdom. 

Route 6 operates along Richmond Avenue, from which it takes its name.

In common with a number of other North American cities I have visited, buses carry bicycles on front-mounted racks.

While most of the buses are full-sized, there are some smaller buses in use.

"The other London" abandoned its articulated buses in 2011.

Here in Canada is a London where articulated buses can be found operating, without any obvious issue or controversy.

Fares on London Tranit services are simple.  At the time of writing, the fare is $2.75 if paid on the bus.  Exact money is required as bus drivers do not give change.  Tickets can also be bought in advance from London Transit offices and a network of agents across the city, at a cost of $9.50 for 5 tickets.  The fare allows transfer onto another bus within 90 minutes.  in some cities, return journeys are excluded from transfer.  In London, they are permitted within the 90 minute limit.

Monthly passes are also sold.  There are two versions, one valid seven days a week while a cheaper version is valid on weekdays only.

More images of London Transit's bus fleet can be found on the Bus Drawings website.