Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dachau, Germany

If you have heard of Dachau, it is likely to be from the darkest chapter in the town's history.  It was at Dachau that the Nazi regime established its first concentration camp, in 1933.  Hundreds of thousands were imprisoned at Dachau over the next 12 years; tens of thousands were killed here.

The concentration camp grounds are now a memorial site, a sombre reminder of the horror of the Nazi regime, and of the millions of people executed by the Nazis.

I visited Dachau in 2012.  Although my visit was primarily to spend time at the memorial site, I also took a look at the transport system in this small town on the outskirts of Munich.

Dachau lies within the area covered by MVV, the association of transport providers which co-ordinates public transport in and around Munich.  The town is connected to Munich by S-Bahn (suburban rail) services.

Bus services are designed to complement the rail services.  Buses serve a small interchange outside Dachau's main station.

Dachau's municipal undertaking operates several local services within the town.  This three-axle minibus was at work on one such service.

Full-size single-deckers were also operated on several town routes.

Route 726 is the main link from the station to the memorial site (KZ-Gedenkstätte).

Many journeys on route 726 were operated with three-door articulated buses when I visited.

Standard two-door single-deckers were also operating on route 726.

Other operators provide services from Dachau to neighbouring towns.


As well as standard single-deckers, articulated buses were also in use.

Regardless of operator, the buses are included in MVV's tariff system.  Fares are based on zones, single tickets include interchanges (such as from bus to S-Bahn, or between buses) within quite generous time limits.  Single fares can either be bought individually or by using a multi-strip ticket.  Single and multi-strip tickets must be validated at the start of the journey, buses are fitted with validators for this purpose.

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