Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

What better, on Christmas Day, than a nice festive image of a London double-deck bus?

Rather than focussing on a single city, in this post I will merely compare public transport planned in a number of cities on Christmas Day.  Checking various websites (with help from Google Translate in some cases), I have been able to find out the following provision is planned:

Brussels, Belgium: Sunday service
Zagreb, Croatia: Sunday service
Copenhagen, Denmark: Sunday service
Bordeaux, France: Sunday service
Paris, France: Sunday service
Strasbourg, France: Sunday service
Berlin, Germany: Sunday service
Cologne (Köln), Germany: Sunday service
Frankfurt, Germany: Sunday service (with adjustments)
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Sunday service
Lisbon, Portugal: Reduced service (summer holiday service levels)
Barcelona, Spain: Sunday service
Stockholm, Sweden: Sunday service
Geneva, Switzerland: special holiday timetables
Zürich, Switzerland: Sunday service

Sydney, Australia: Sunday service
Montréal, Canada: Sunday service (with minor adjustments)
Vancouver, Canada: Sunday service (with minor adjustments - click for info)
Victoria BC, Canada: Sunday service
San Francisco, USA: Sunday service

Edinburgh, UK: Limited service on certain bus routes only, operated by First and Lothian

This information is, of course, posted in good faith.  I can't give an absolute guarantee it is accurate, but please leave a comment if you spot anything which is wrong.

Wishing all my readers a very happy Christmas.

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